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Awat eats….. Manitoba!!!

I know it's Awat eats Winnipeg, but I had to take a quick hop, skip and a jump (yes that was an Easter Bunny reference lol) outside the city today. Why?? You ask, because its Sunday and not just any Sunday, but Easter Sunday, and like many Winnipeg families, one of my traditions is making the Sunday… Continue reading Awat eats….. Manitoba!!!

dinner, lunch, Reviews

Victory Meal

Play-off Football all day long on the T.V. and after watching my New York Football GIANTS devour the Green Bay Packers, I to am looking to devour something and celebrate their win!!! So where and what can I eat that would be worthy enough to call a "Victory Meal"???? So the where quickly becomes an easy choice....We're… Continue reading Victory Meal


a tough choice where to start ( but not really)

Born and Raised in the North End, so why is it that I always find myself employed in the South end?? LOL. Well there is a positive to driving 1/2 an hour to work everyday. It means that I can't run home for lunch!!! One restaurant that has answered the "Where should I go for lunch??" question… Continue reading a tough choice where to start ( but not really)