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Awat eats….. Manitoba!!!

I know it’s Awat eats Winnipeg, but I had to take a quick hop, skip and a jump (yes that was an Easter Bunny reference lol) outside the city today. Why?? You ask, because its Sunday and not just any Sunday, but Easter Sunday, and like many Winnipeg families, one of my traditions is making the Sunday cruise out to Lockport.

Now I know there is a little rivalry in Winnipeg about where to eat out in Lockport, but for me there is really only one choice.

I need 3 things when I go to Lockport

An Old fashion jukebox


The Jets Wall


and the classic hot dog with home-made fries

That’s right it can only be one place

and not the one by the water-slides, it has to be the original by the docks.

So just a quick shout out to my Favourite Sunday spot on this Easter Sunday, Here’s to great days, good Friends and Family and to Full Bellies!! All the best

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