a tough choice where to start ( but not really)

Born and Raised in the North End, so why is it that I always find myself employed in the South end?? LOL. Well there is a positive to driving 1/2 an hour to work everyday. It means that I can’t run home for lunch!!! One restaurant that has answered the “Where should I go for lunch??” question for years has been……

George’s Burgers ans Submarines affectionately known just as”George’s”
And what is it that you go to Georges for??

THAT’S RIGHT!!! THE FATBOY AND FRIES SPECIAL!! (tweeked a bit with some gravy on the fries of course)
For you poor unfortunate souls that have not sunk your teeth into a FATBOY, it is a delicious burger topped with Chili, onions, mustard, pickles, lettuce, tomatoes, mayo and cheese (you can order your FATBOY minus any of these toppings, but why mess with perfection) 

So if your looking for a “real” burger, forget the reheated piece of cardboard you get at the fastfood chains, and head to George’s and sink your teeth into this beauty.

for more info and a list of other menu items visit

1 thought on “a tough choice where to start ( but not really)”

  1. WE haven't tried this one and we live ten minutes from it. Try Lovey's Barbecue on Marion, or the Red Top Drive Inn on St. Mary's South. I'd like to hear your opinions on those places. For great sandwiches and homemade soups try the White Horse Emporium at St. Francic Xavier. Good work, Awat!


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