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Victory Meal

Play-off Football all day long on the T.V. and after watching my New York Football GIANTS devour the Green Bay Packers, I to am looking to devour something and celebrate their win!!! So where and what can I eat that would be worthy enough to call a “Victory Meal”????

So the where quickly becomes an easy choice….We’re heading east, and stopping just before we get to the Trancona border of Lagimodiere and Regent, we arrive at our destination…..


And once inside, you only need to look up at the menu board for a second before it becomes quite obvious which item is worthy of a “Victory Meal”

For those of you that don’t recognise this beautiful monstrosity, This is the FACTORY SPECIAL. It consists of 2 that’s right 2 quarter pound patties (which you get to watch be cooked to perfection on there charcoal grill right behind the counter) bacon, and of course in tribute to the loss of Green Bay Packers covered in cheese as well. But it doesn’t end there, the fun begins when your burger is brought off the grill to the counter, and they shout out your order, because sitting in front of you is your own buffet of fresh toppings waiting to be added.  You have your choice of (in order) bbq sauce, mustard, relish, fried onions, fresh onions (yes you can get both, but fellas make that choice on a non date night for the ladies please), tomatoes, and pickles, but wait… there’s more…  as your standing behind the glass looking at your amazing creation, you notice a second work station, and for those crafty veterans of The Burger Factory, we know that by just simply asking, we can also add lettuce, mayo, and ketchup to make this the perfect “VICTORY BURGER”. Add fries and a 16 oz drink to this meal for under $10 and let the the celebration begin.
If you have a place that you  are passionate about that you would like to see me blog on, or if you are just curious about a restaurant, and would like me to try it out for you first, please comment on this blog or reach out to me on Twitter at @awat56

1 thought on “Victory Meal”

  1. Yes…that really is a victory meal…One could even say that it is a heart stopping rush of saturated fats….but oh what a taste to savor. All the extra fixin's are a bonus of course. But keep in mind that this is a treat and not a lifestyle.


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