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Take me out to the Ball game

My wife has this wonderful talent of winning just about every local contest she goes in for and this time she won 4 tickets for us to go watch our Winnipeg Goldeyes take on the Cleburne Railroaders at Shaw Park.


Now I will admit, When it is a date night for just my wife and I, we will usually have dinner out at which ever sporting venue we are attending. However, normally when we are taking any number of the children, we will usually eat dinner first, and splurge on a few treats during the game, but since the tickets were free, we decided that we would treat the two youngest to dinner at the ball park.

Once we arrived, we did a quick tour of the concourse, up the Visitors side first (1st base side) and then back to home plate and then up the Home teams side (3rd base side) where are seats were. After a quick debate between the 4 of us we decided that what better place to get food at a Goldeyes game than at Goldie’s Grill

1st Base Side
3rd Base Side

The Girls each ordered a Junior Diamond Dog, and my wife and I being a little hot dogged out from the bacon wrapped cheese stuffed dogs we did last week ordered a hamburger each completed with a round of bottled Pepsi for all. The total bill coming to around $35. We got our food from the counter and made our way over to the condiment cart just off to the side.

The condiment cart had a great selection, almost everything that you could want to put on a burger or a hot dog. There was the usual mustard and ketchup,  relish and onions, there was also a big container of pickles, and some fun extras in sauerkraut and banana peppers. We loaded the extras on our food and headed to our seats.

The girls peeled back their paper and foil wrappers burrito style (that’s right, no mustard stains to clean up after the game for this family lol) and they devoured them in record time.  Unfortunately for my wife and I, no amount of condiments could prevent the burgers from tasting like they were cooked a week ago Monday. I guess the traditional ball park dog was the better choice on this night.

However, as always the venue was great, the weather stayed nice, and it didn’t even get chilly as the sun went down. Our team battled hard , but a Grand Slam in the top of the 4th inning put the Railroaders up 6-2 and we couldn’t mount the comeback, losing with a final score of 6-3. The highlight of the night for the girls came after the game had ended, when local hero #11 Reggie Abercrombie came to the side of the dugout pulled out a sharpie and started signing autographs for all of the young fans. The girls each got their hats signed.



Overall, it was a great evening out with the family and I would highly recommend checking out a Goldeyes game at this beautiful venue, and remember if you stop at Goldie’s grill, get the hot dogs.. not the burgers.. hot dogs definitely

Enjoy your Day


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