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Back at it

Well time to get back at it. Sorry my friends. A few new changes in my life and a couple of distractions to get past, but now it time to get down to business.

With the closing of some local landmarks lately ( The Paddelwheel, and Kelekis) I started reminiscing about some of the places I use to visit with my Father, and some of the traditions that I would like to continue with my kids. So I figured why not start with the place that was less then a couple of blocks away from the first house I ever lived in.


This Maples landmark has been at the corner of Inkster and Sheppard for as long as I have been walking, so I figured it was time to take my son there, and make some new memories.

Now I have featured a classic Winnipeg burger a couple of times on my blog already, but the very first time I ever had a FATBOY was at Johnny’s. So knowing that my son was a huge fan of chili burgers, it was time to upgrade him properly.

So there we are checking over the menu and I point out the FATBOY to him, he asks the waitress what comes on it, and she tells him… chili, cheese, onions, lettuce, tomatoes, and mayo. He then tells her I’ll have the DOUBLE with no onions and fries and gravy….. A little tear came to my eye. LOL. that’s my boy.

And for those of you who think I’m just telling you a great story….

That’s right, a burger soooo big it comes on its own plate, and fries and gravy soooo saucy that they serve it in a bowl. Well after about half an hour, the only thing left was 3 small pieces of meat, and about a quarter of his fries and gravy. WELL DONE Champ!! He has now successfully been promoted up to the FATBOY burger, and the best part of this whole experience, is the story that I know he’ll share tomorrow with his friends at school , and one day with his own children.

So from the restaurant that has brought many a Maples residence special memories for generations . Happy Eating!!

If there is a recipe, or a restaurant that you are passionate, or curious about, please just comment on my blog, or tweet me @awat56, and I will test it out and blog on it for you.


1 thought on “Back at it”

  1. Been going to Johnny's since it opened. I used to teach at a nearby school and we'd order the Fatboy and fries every Friday and the teachers would take turns going to pick up the order. Their breakfasts are best in the city and portions are huge. Best restaurant around!


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