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Mitzi’s makes the safe choice the best choice

So as I travel through this great city on my Culinary adventure, there is one menu item that is consistent no matter where I stop . One meal, that has been the staple of many a child’s restaurant life, one item that has been the safe go-to for many on that first or second date, and that old faithful, that fall back on item that has saved many in  those ” I have no idea what to order” moments when the waiter or waitress is hovering above you waiting after every one else at the table has ordered.

That’s right!!!!! Chicken Fingers (strips if your eating somewhere fancy lol) and fries, or salad, or soup, it really doesn’t matter what the side is, you know that no matter what,  you’ll be safe with these.

Well lets just stop for a moment, because there is one place in this city that takes that “safe” meal, and says FORGET THAT!!! It’s not the safe meal, it is the BEST meal, and we are going to do it better then anyone else. So I packed up my family, because of course who better to be the judge of the best chicken fingers in the city then 3 starving kids, and headed down town, into the maze of one way streets, until I came upon a little house snuggled in safely between the high rise buildings, that for years has been offering up the most tender chicken fingers.


Mitzi’s 250 St.Mary Avenue Winnipeg, Manitoba

As you walk into the front door of this unassuming building, you realize that you have also entered a place that truly ties everyone in Winnipeg together. At one table sits a young Family, Dad is wearing his Milt Stegall Blue Bomber Jersey with the team autographs signed all over it. Behind him are a group of business people dressed in finely pressed suits talking about the meeting that they just had, and another table with a group of Guys talking about their favourite concerts as they grab a quick bite before they head to the MTS centre for the Rammstein concert. Class or social status has no place here, the only thing that matters is the food. And the food that they are all eating is this…….

Well maybe not exactly this, because today I was feeling extra hungry, and like I said, I had the kids, so a few extra pieces of chicken on my plate might not be a bad idea since my boy at 8 years old can eat his weight in food some days.  This is the 11 piece chicken fingers and fries, the biggest individual plate you can order. 8, and 5 piece meals also available for those a little less hungry (for those of you throwing a party, don’t worry, you can order the 25, 38, or 48 piece take out package). As I said fries were my choice, but the meal is also available with tossed, or Caesar salad, or Mixed greens, and all meals comes with a side of  coleslaw and honey dill sauce for dipping, and every meal starts with a bowl of consommé soup.

Well it didn’t take long before the verdict was in, as I looked around the table at my kids empty plate, and their eyes fixed longingly on the one piece I had left on mine, I knew that the meal was a hit, so I quickly divided that last piece into 3 and like feeding the wolves , quickly threw a piece on each of their plates removing my hand just in time before it became part of the meal.  I know that one day soon we will be back. Enjoy

If you have a place that you  are passionate about that you would like to see me blog on, or if you are just curious about a restaurant, and would like me to try it out for you first, please comment on this blog or reach out to me on Twitter at @awat56


1 thought on “Mitzi’s makes the safe choice the best choice”

  1. It is quite simply the best value and best food of its type you can find in Winnipeg, and probably Canada. I have eaten here…with my family…about a dozen times, and never been disappointed. The chicken pieces are tender and tasty and my favourite dish…the chicken and shrimp stir-fry with greens, rice and sauce is excellent. Service is as close to 4 star as you can get in a family restaraunt…try Mitzi's, you will be glad you did.


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