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Hard work deserves a reward :-)

So lately I have been working hard to try and get rid of some of the weight that I put on while I was hibernating over this extra long winter that we’ve been having, and my mission to eat and live healthy has turned into a family mission. We have included into our lives such things as gym memberships, almond milk, granola, and multi grain everything, and we have done a fairly good job of sticking to our healthy regiment and we both have seen the results we wanted. However going cold turkey from all the decadent foods that we use to eat before has been very difficult, and since we both have worked soooooo hard lol,

We decided to treat ourselves

Now there are a couple of things that a restaurant can do that in my mind make it one of the best.

1) Anything resembeling the classic diner look is always a win


2) A fun environment

free peanuts
thank you wall from cusomers (done in crayon of course)

3) And of course fresh made food!!

Now how can you go wrong with a place that the “standard” burger comes with 2 patties made from 100% fresh beef, and the “little hamburger” on the menu is the single.
 If you decide to order your bacon burger the way I did with all the standard fixins… mayo, lettuce, pickles, tomatoes, grilled onions, grilled mushrooms, ketchup and mustard, all that you have to say to the smiling face behind the counter, is that you want your burger “ALL THE WAY”, but in case you feel that your burger could use a few more toppings, you have several more ingredients that you can add such as relish, onions, jalepeno peppers, green peppers, A1 steak sauce, bar-b-q sauce, and last but not least hot saue. Combine your amazing creation with one of your favorite Coke products and a regular or large serving of their Five Guy or Cajun style fries (cooked in pure, no cholesterol, tasty peanut oil) and your perfect reward dinner is complete.
Well no regrets after this amazing meal, it was the perfect celebration meal, but its time to put down the laptop, and hit the treadmill and get back on my quest to be ready for summer.
If you have a place that you  are passionate about that you would like to see me blog on, or if you are just curious about a restaurant, and would like me to try it out for you first, please comment on this blog or reach out to me on Twitter at @awat56

2 thoughts on “Hard work deserves a reward :-)”

  1. Fries are great there if you eat them fast before they cool off and get soggy. We both find that the burgers; because they are wrapped in the foil, sweat and then the buns get soggy and wet. Neither Judy or I like soggy bread so after giving them a try several times when they first opened in Winnipeg, we now prefer other places. But that's just a personal preference. Each to his own. Always enjoy your articles, Alex.


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