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Think you can beat this???

OK Winnipeg, I need to throw out a challenge!!!!!!! Time to have a little fun!!!


So to start the battle, I’m going to return to one of my original blog spots, and put this one up as the wings to be beat. So 3 things required to get this battle started

and a whole lot of paper towels!!

So I know I know, come on Awat, sauce and wings??? That’s every wing in the city. Why are these the best??  Well these are the best for one reason and one reason only


That’s right boys and girls. These beauties don’t spend one second in the fryer they get that deep outdoorsy grill taste that only pit smoke can provide, and that delicious smoke flavour carries through in every last bite!! And where do you find these champion wings?..  of course at my favourite place for smoked southern barbecue….. That’s right….


So there it is, my first entry into the battle for Winnipegs “Wing of Fame”, and to help make sure that this contest is fair and evenly judged, I am bringing along fellow blogger and hockey lover Mr Winnipeg Jets Online www.winnipegjetsonline.com

So bring on all challengers, reach out to me by commenting on my blog, or hitting me up at @awat56 on twitter and tell me where I have to go to get the best wings in Winnipeg!!!!

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