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The Dairy Maid

For those who know me, and have heard my dream retirement story, they know that it involves me, in a little deli, somewhere in an industrial park at a place that only does breakfast and lunch, and that I would be the cook in the back pounding out some crazy breakfasts and some wicked sandwiches and burgers, then clean up and home for dinner and the evening with the family. So imagine my Deli-ght (pun intended) when I come across such a place halfway between home and work, that puts out a delicious breakfast menu, and then at lunch makes an incredible variety of soups and sandwiches to satisfy any hunger. 

The Dairy Maid & Deli located at Unit 19 – 1391 St. James St. Tucked quietly away in the back of the strip mall is truly a dream come true. The owner Dawn runs a fantastic business and is a master of the flat-top and the slow cooker and puts out food that just like their slogan says is “just like your Momma used to make” and Carolyn who works the dining area always makes sure your coffee is topped up that your order is taken and to your table quickly and don’t be surprised that after a couple of visits she has your regular order memorized. Between the two of them, they run this Deli with such proficiency that I could think of a couple of big name chains that should probably stop by for a meal so that they can see how a busy meal service is supposed to be run.

Not to be overshadowed by the service, is of course the Dairy Maids fantastic menu. Breakfasts that are cooked perfectly to order and that are hearty enough to fill even the hungriest of appetites, if you don’t believe me you can always ask one of the several tables of Manitoba Hydro guys and girls that make this a regular stop before or on break from working out on the lines all day, and for lunch you have got to try the soups… what can I say… these are the soups that if it was a cold winters day (imagine that in Winnipeg lol) or if you were feeling under the weather, that you would want to have a big bowl of and wrap yourself in your favorite blanket and just sit back on the couch and eat. Always freshly made every day with several selections to chose from you have got to make sure you try the soups.

 The Dairy Maid & Deli opens at 6:30am from Monday – Friday and they serve their breakfast menu until 10:00am. They then close for a quick hour so that they can turn everything into a lunch counter, and reopen at 11:00am and serve their delicious lunch menu until 2:00pm . You can Dine in or Take out, so if you only get a short lunch break feel free to call in your order ahead of time at 204-453-5461 then head in and pick it up at the counter, and if you would love to see if the Dairy Maid can cater one of your events, reach out to Dawn at to see what catering options are available to you.

Please take my advice and drop into the Dairy Maid and Deli, I guarantee that you won’t be disappointed, and who knows, maybe one day when I’m done with this retail life maybe I can convince Dawn to give me a chance to work the grill 😊🍔😊🍔…. any ways If you do stop by, comeback to the site and leave me a quick comment on your visit I’d love to hear from you! Until then… Enjoy !!

3 thoughts on “The Dairy Maid”

  1. Totally agree! This is one of the BEST places in the city with fabulous food and service. I’ve never been disappointed (except when I’m craving their dill pickle soup for supper) and I’ve never left hungry!!

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