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Ugly Delicious

Hey Friends,

I have to tell you about a food documentary series that I have fallen in love with.

It is called Ugly Delicious and you can find it on Netflix


Ugly Delicious stars and is presented by James Beard award-winning chef David Chang. In each episode David spotlights one particular food or food culture and then he goes on an adventure with his friends and family surrounding the subject. The first episode for instance focuses on pizza, and his adventures take him from New York to Italy, and even include discussions on Domino’s Pizza.

It is a fun, honest conversation about food, culture, and it will even touch lightly on the current political climate in the world today.

Thank you to my friends at for introducing this show to me. There is only 1 season and 8 episodes and I am hoping there is many more to come.

A quick side note… there is a fair amount of adult language in this one, so not for the little ones in the house

I hope you enjoy this show as much as I do

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