The secret to the best sandwich is…..

Well food lovers, the wait is over, or for you sandwich perfectionists, I am about to let the secret out of the bag.  Now since I can remember, all the way back to my school days, I was a brown bag lunch kid, and the # 1 staple in that brown bag was of course… The sandwich, and in those 20+ years I have had every combination imaginable between those 2 slices of bread, from your classic Ham and cheese, or PB&J, all the way to the fancy with meats like capicola, or prosciutto, with cheeses like havarti or smoked gouda, but Tuesday I had one of the best sandwiches ever!!!!!!! (sorry mum).

Now the filling was simple, a spicy chicken mixture. Large chunks of chicken in a nice curry sauce, done almost like a chicken salad sandwich, with a slice of lettuce and tomato. Now you maybe thinking, Geez Awat, that’s not that special, and you promised us the secret to the best sandwich, well folks here it is…. The secret to the best sandwich ever is not the filling!!!! It’s the bread!!! and it’s got to be fresh. My sandwich was made from a fresh pita, and instead of being a mere vessel to carry the chicken to my mouth, the airy freshness of the pita elevated the whole sandwich to another level. And where is the best place to get fresh bread, Well a bakery of course, and why not a German bakery, and just my luck there just happens to be one just down the street from my work. perfect for my lunch break.

The Crusty Bun, is located at 1026 St. Mary’s road, just a few blocks north of Dakota St. This European bakery makes everything fresh on-site, but along with all the fresh fare, there is a 30 seat cafe for you to enjoy one of their amazing lunch specialities, like soup and a sandwich, or a Schnitzelburger, of course all made with that fresh bread that I spoke of, with either a fresh made coffee or an espresso and for dessert pick up one of their amazing pastries, like the choco-croissant. Once you sink your teeth into any of their amazing bread products, I guarantee that going forward the bread will now be the star of your sandwich.
If you have a place that you  are passionate about that you would like to see me blog on, or if you are just curious about a restaurant, and would like me to try it out for you first, please comment on this blog or reach out to me on Twitter at @awat56

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